Stoughton Dry Van Trailers

Stoughton trailers offers the most durable composite plate dry vans on the market today. Stoughton’s revolutionary Z-Plate® vans are built from composite laminate panels. Stoughton offers features standard that other brands typically do not offer. From the SUPER SILL exclusive steel crossmember design and standard oak floors with 22,000 lb. ratings to the "Dual Tensioned" aluminum roof, Stoughton is built to last!


Z-Plate Composite Dry Van "Auto Spec"

For years Lakeshore has been solving problems for our customers who provide service to the automotive manufacturers. This experience has culminated with a trailer spec that we stock or have on order constantly to serve our customers.



Z-Plate Composite Dry Van "Universal Spec"

Lakeshore has listened to our customer base over the years and has resulted in our Universal OTR Spec. Our customers who need a versatile, lightweight plate trailer for general freight applications have embraced this trailer package.