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East Genesis

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A revolutionized dump trailer with smooth-side Genesis® design that adds up to ½-mile per gallon compared to ribbed trailers. And the more aerodynamic design is easier to clean, and will not show any pings and dings on the outside like external post-style walls. The outboard Genesis design provides more capacity than external post-style trailers.

Genesis innovation includes:

  • Superior strength and resistance to bowing.
  • Double-wall design to protect the outer wall from dents, improving resale value.
  • Superior dump stability because the entire integrated trailer body resists weight shifting and twisting that can lead to tipping.
  • 3" inch spacing of interior panel ribs means the inside walls stay flatter, creating fewer high points to reduce wear.
  • Optional thicker aluminum in higher wear areas, such as the last 4' foot inside the trailer.
  • Easy repairs that can be inconspicuous, and do not require the removal of the top rail.
  • Smooth walls can be left polished as they come from the factory, or used as the base for company name, logo and attention-grabbing graphics